My Journey Is

Your Journey

A podcast about growing up in the 60s and 70s in the Hudson Valley in NY. The joys and challenges of family interweave with tales of present day travel and discoveries.

Who am I?

Hi! I’m Diana. Podcaster, writer, performing artist, Shakespeare lover, world traveler. At the moment I’m a nomad – houseless, but not homeless – meeting new friends around the world and sharing stories. Invite me in. Let’s have lunch. Let’s laugh together. Let’s cry. Let’s remember and learn.

Share My Adventures

China, Africa, the Galapagos, Europe… I have traveled to five continents and seen many things. I paint the pictures with words. Listen and join me.

Support the Show

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Where to Start

Here are a few of my favorite episodes. You can start with one of these, or pick any title that strikes your fancy. Most episodes stand alone, but also weave into the whole tale.

Episode 144: My Little Brother and the Deadly Vacuum Cleaner

He’s been an important ally and always a precious friend to me. There are times when we’ve grown apart and then we come back together and the relationship knits up differently. Here’s a crazy tale of a wild night out and how he saved me from bleeding to death.

Episode 139: Lady Di’s Wedding

I had a fairytale wedding on Block Island. People told me no one would come all that way, but they did and we had one hundred friends and family to witness our union. After a crazy storm that whipped up the sea and made for some rough ferry crossings, the weather turned perfect and the sunset blessed our magical setting.

Episode 65: My First Kiss

This one summer at riding camp… I went to summer camp for the first time after I turned 14. Yes, I was a late bloomer in many ways. We had been going to Italy in the summers to visit my grandfather, but after the Getty kidnapping my grandfather feared for our safety, so they found us another summer pastime. It was there that I had my first glimpse into what it meant to be liked by a boy.

What Listeners Are Saying

“This podcast is like having an interesting guest over for dinner. Diana’s stories are entertaining, funny, poignant, and also strangely comforting, like you’re just in your kitchen talking to a good friend.”

Ann Schurmann

“I remember the 60s and 70s, but I don’t remember as well as Diana… Her engaging stories with their fantastically descriptive details bring me back to those long gone years, and I find myself remembering forgotten details from my own school days… Give this podcast a listen.”

Marjorie Galen