Episode 255: Doris and Mabel Go To France


Annie and I are in France and our alter-egos from college time just took over the whole experience, so here they are to paint you a colorful picture about their ramble through the French countryside. Enjoy! A-bean-toe!

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This episode is especially fun because of the voices, so I decided not to include an actual transcription. It’s one you simply must listen to.

Ann, my college room mate, and I used to talk back in college about being old ladies together one day. We gave each other “old lady names,” and would sometimes become those versions of ourselves for fun. So for this episode, since we are old ladies now, we decided to tell about our adventures in France through those alter egos. It’s a very fun and silly travel journal from two old friends who had an incredible opportunity to actually realize something they dreamed of many years ago.

I am so grateful for that!

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Podcasting about growing up in the Hudson Valley in the 60s and 70s, falling in love, raising kids, getting divorced and being a free and creative world traveler!

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