Episode 224: Letting Specters Out of the Closet

Summary TRIGGER WARNING: This episode contains description of sexual abuse of a child. All of this soul searching was proving very enlightening. During a guided hypnosis I met some figures that had been lurking in my past and I got to purge one of them and learn a lot about myself. I have a PatreonContinue reading “Episode 224: Letting Specters Out of the Closet”

Episode 223: The Easter Bunny Lie

Summary There are those thresholds you cross in childhood as various myths slip away and you “grow up.” They are often harsh slaps from reality, but I think that Savannah and I came through this one fairly gracefully. I have a Patreon page! Please check it out. If you make a small pledge you’ll getContinue reading “Episode 223: The Easter Bunny Lie”

Episode 217: Dangerous Maverick

Summary TRIGGER WARNING: This episode contains description of sexual assault. As I was starting a new job with a new Montessori school down south, I was holding to my training and trying to run my classroom as I had been taught. That was proving unpopular with my colleagues. When I learned that one of myContinue reading “Episode 217: Dangerous Maverick”

Episode 186: The Golden Bear

Summary My boy is 30 today, when this episode gets released! My own little golden bear was growing like a weed, but I’m also including a side note about how I got to see Nicklaus win his last Masters tournament. These things just occur to me in the moment, so I’m going with it. WeContinue reading “Episode 186: The Golden Bear”