Episode 272: Christmases in the 1970s

Summary Pulling episode 83 out of the vault and adding a few more fun moments to muse about the Christmases of my childhood and all the weird presents we got. There’s one that we especially loved to give, however, and that was our homemade Christmas calendar. I have a Patreon page! Please check it out.Continue reading “Episode 272: Christmases in the 1970s”

Episode 257: The Land of Counterpane

Summary I’m home sick today, as opposed to homesick. It made me think of being sick here in mom’s house as a child and the various things I did to entertain myself. My grandmother came to read to me sometimes also, and she loved poetry. I especially remember this poem by Robert Louis Stevenson. IContinue reading “Episode 257: The Land of Counterpane”

Episode 253: The Quiet Emerald Isle

Summary During this visit, I’m finding Ireland to be a place of quiet satisfaction in a gentle life. I’ve met egg farmers and people with backyard sheep who spend their days spinning and weaving. It is an enviable and peaceful existence. I have a Patreon page! Please check it out. If you make a smallContinue reading “Episode 253: The Quiet Emerald Isle”

Episode 246: Snedens Landing Parties

Summary In some ways the neighborhood where I grew up as a child, Snedens Landing in Palisades, was very fancy and posh, and in some ways it was just a collection of friendly neighbors. Over the years there were parties that happened regularly for holidays where we could all go and be together at specialContinue reading “Episode 246: Snedens Landing Parties”