Episode 272: Christmases in the 1970s

Summary Pulling episode 83 out of the vault and adding a few more fun moments to muse about the Christmases of my childhood and all the weird presents we got. There’s one that we especially loved to give, however, and that was our homemade Christmas calendar. I have a Patreon page! Please check it out.Continue reading “Episode 272: Christmases in the 1970s”

Episode 250: Wrapping Up Season 1

Summary Episode 250! Huge milestone for me! So here I’m going to give you some ideas of where to go back and listen to earlier episodes if you don’t know where to begin. If you have been here all along, this episode will be a trip down memory lane of where we’ve been together. WhatContinue reading “Episode 250: Wrapping Up Season 1”

Episode 191: Nana’s Bad News

Summary As with all phases of life there is joy and sadness. While I was sharing my early motherhood with my grandmother and enjoying her attentions to my children so much we were among the first to hear about a terrible diagnosis that would eventually lead to her death. It’s strange to know what willContinue reading “Episode 191: Nana’s Bad News”

Episode 188: Fitful Dreams

Summary Poor little Dakota faced many trials as an infant, but always with a sunny good cheer, which was a blessing for all of us. His first year of life also saw the passing of many of my grandmother’s contemporaries. The generations were shifting. This episode is sponsored by ยท Anchor: The easiest way toContinue reading “Episode 188: Fitful Dreams”