Episode 251: Season 2 Opener

Summary Welcome to a new season of The Bard of Hudson! It’s been a year of podcasting, but in my timeline I’ll be returning to the early 2000s with stories of dating in the early days of Match.com and many other haphazard and funny adventures. All along the way there will be discussions of currentContinue reading “Episode 251: Season 2 Opener”

Episode 250: Wrapping Up Season 1

Summary Episode 250! Huge milestone for me! So here I’m going to give you some ideas of where to go back and listen to earlier episodes if you don’t know where to begin. If you have been here all along, this episode will be a trip down memory lane of where we’ve been together. WhatContinue reading “Episode 250: Wrapping Up Season 1”

Episode 249: Love Triangles

Summary People often fall in love in love scenes. Look at Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. If that’s too far in the past for you then how about Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie? You know what I mean anyway. So how could well-intentioned amateurs from a small community in the Hudson Valley hope to escapeContinue reading “Episode 249: Love Triangles”

Episode 248: A Country of Contrasts – Dubrovnik

Summary Some vignettes from the rest of my trip to Dubrovnik, including a visit to a strange tiny church in the town of Nin, and the mesmerizing sounds of the Sea Organ in Zadar. I was basically disappointed in northern Croatia, but you never know until you try. I returned to Dubrovnik on my lastContinue reading “Episode 248: A Country of Contrasts – Dubrovnik”