Episode 239: Dropping In

Summary The Shakespeare and Company intensive was challenging both physically and mentally and out of a group of 60 people who began it, only 57 people finished. One of those people who dropped out was my scene partner, and that was brought about because I stood up for myself and asked for what I needed.Continue reading “Episode 239: Dropping In”

Episode 238: Back to Basics

Summary After two productions with my young company of players I decided that I needed a whole lot more training in order to raise the caliber of performances to a whole new level. I enrolled in a month-long intensive workshop with Shakespeare and Company in the Berkshires. This class was not only an extensive educationContinue reading “Episode 238: Back to Basics”

Episode 196: 2 Weddings, No Funerals, 1 Epic Birthday!

Summary These are the big communal events we all go through as families, and when you’re married you get it from both sides. New babies balance out the older generation slipping away. If we can float above and look down we can see how it all balances out, but it seems intense while we’re downContinue reading “Episode 196: 2 Weddings, No Funerals, 1 Epic Birthday!”

Episode 166: A Grief So Brief

Summary My son moved out yesterday. Rough time for me. My house feels very empty where there used to be life and furniture and cats. Thought I’d share it with you.  Then I’ll move forward to the past again. Is that like the opposite of Back to the Future?? I have a Patreon page! PleaseContinue reading “Episode 166: A Grief So Brief”