Episode 218: Homesick

Summary Moving is one of those huge life events that tests everything you’re made of, and some of us were not passing the test. Even with two Christmas trees the new construction house we moved into didn’t seem cosy. We discovered that we were bound to obey various rules set down by the neighborhood housingContinue reading “Episode 218: Homesick”

Episode 215: Moving South

Summary The day finally came when I had to leave my beloved house in Palisades. I did not share my grief with anyone, but plowed steadfastly on toward that waiting moving truck… I have a Patreon page! Please check it out. If you make a small pledge you’ll get to see photos and clips fromContinue reading “Episode 215: Moving South”

Episode 210: New Construction

Summary The future is pulling at me. Where do I want to go next? What is my purpose now? Part of it is to tell this difficult piece of the past as simply and honestly as I can. It’s 1998 in my narrative. I believe that there was much upheaval globally during those last coupleContinue reading “Episode 210: New Construction”

Episode 193: The Ghosts in Birdhaven

Summary The wonderful old colonial house that we bought and began to renovate in early 1994 had a few other occupants in it who began showing up in various ways. Fortunately they were benign and so they made for good stories, but we never felt we needed to summon an exorcist! This episode is sponsoredContinue reading “Episode 193: The Ghosts in Birdhaven”