Episode 253: The Quiet Emerald Isle

Summary During this visit, I’m finding Ireland to be a place of quiet satisfaction in a gentle life. I’ve met egg farmers and people with backyard sheep who spend their days spinning and weaving. It is an enviable and peaceful existence. I have a Patreon page! Please check it out. If you make a smallContinue reading “Episode 253: The Quiet Emerald Isle”

Episode 254: Angel From Montgomery

Summary Every small encounter has changed the course of the path that has led me here. Some newer ones, funny and light, have added color to my crazy rambling adventure. Others from years ago still tug at my heart with a melancholy wish for just a few more days… I have a Patreon page! PleaseContinue reading “Episode 254: Angel From Montgomery”

Episode 250: Wrapping Up Season 1

Summary Episode 250! Huge milestone for me! So here I’m going to give you some ideas of where to go back and listen to earlier episodes if you don’t know where to begin. If you have been here all along, this episode will be a trip down memory lane of where we’ve been together. WhatContinue reading “Episode 250: Wrapping Up Season 1”

Episode 209: Roots

Summary I am back in the house that belonged to my grandfather where I used to visit every summer as a child. It is in a beautiful tiny town on the Italian Riviera. It is a place layered with memories from 50+ years, and yet, as it changes, it becomes vaguely unfamiliar in some waysContinue reading “Episode 209: Roots”