Episode 274: Resolutions Schmesolutions

Summary Where did this tradition of New Year’s resolutions come from and why do we continue with it when we know that we are most likely to fail? I explore some of those questions and even a few statistics and then I arrive at a resolution. 😏 Will you make a list this year? OrContinue reading “Episode 274: Resolutions Schmesolutions”

Episode 272: Christmases in the 1970s

Summary Pulling episode 83 out of the vault and adding a few more fun moments to muse about the Christmases of my childhood and all the weird presents we got. There’s one that we especially loved to give, however, and that was our homemade Christmas calendar. I have a Patreon page! Please check it out.Continue reading “Episode 272: Christmases in the 1970s”

Episode 262: Foundations

Summary Sometimes we are unaware of the foundations upon which we build. Both the physical structures – like my mom’s house built on a cement slab which makes the whole downstairs freezing – and the philosophical foundations, like our beliefs and processes. My relationship foundations were rotten. I just didn’t know it at the time.Continue reading “Episode 262: Foundations”

Episode 261: Hell Week

Summary Opening night of Romeo & Juliet finally came after so much anticipation of all kinds. My love affair was existing on waves of anticipation too. Pain and pleasure in such close proximity. Life imitates art. I have a Patreon page! Please check it out. If you make a small pledge you’ll get to seeContinue reading “Episode 261: Hell Week”