Insight. Inspiration. Entertainment.

The Tarot is a wonderful tool to achieve all of these and more.

I have been reading tarot for over 30 years for friends and strangers, and I am constantly surprised and delighted by aha moments of connection that happen between me and another person over the tarot spread.

I offer personalized tarot readings as well as group events like bachelorette parties and wedding cocktail hours. Why not try a unique conversation starter at your next event? Tarot readings offer a fun add-on for fundraisers and corporate parties as well.

Individual Tarot Readings starting at $50/hour. I can come to you or meet you at some cafe or library room. Extra charges for long-distance travel.

Small group events – individual readings for up to 12 people in a group setting, starting at $300 for 2 hours. Great for bachelorette parties, birthday parties (teens and adults), cocktail parties.

Corporate / Fundraisers – have a tarot reader station at your next fundraiser or corporate cocktail hour. Prices vary depending on length of engagement and travel time and expenses. Minimum time suggested would be four hours.